Happy Monday Everyone! As promised – though much later than originally planned (these last two last week has been hectic!) – I’ve got the rundown of the fabulous Tenovus Cancer Care Volunteer Awards 2017 which took place on the 6th of July. I offered to spend the morning of the awards making name badges in the office […]

Hello! As some of you may know, I volunteer one day a week at Wales’ leading cancer charity Tenovus Cancer Care. Lately it’s been more once a fortnight due to post-uni stress and trying to find full-time work. Regardless, I’ve been involved with the charity for over a year now. I’ve said it once and I’ll say […]

I just want to state for the record, that I think anyone that has the courage to video themselves and show the world has some serious courage. I am in no way degrading make-up bloggers and you’re probably thinking: I bet SHE couldn’t do the same. Well you’re right there! I have my own self-confidence issues, but […]

I haven’t had the best of skin since I was about 11. I’m now 22. That’s half my friggin’ life that I’ve been trying to exterminate those evil sprouts of yellow and red planets from my face. I have used countless creams, treatments, facial washes and moisturizers to get rid of the little shits, and […]

~Hello bloggers (and anyone reading my page)!~ I’ve got plans to relaunch my blog in about a weeks time. I’m going Premium. And I know exactly how I want my website to look, and I’m hoping it’ll be a lot better than this. I’m planning to write more regular posts from now on with extra […]

If you’ve ever considered volunteering, or you’re wondering if you should free up some spare time to help out charities and organizations, then I’m going to let you know why you should give it a go! I’m currently a volunteer for Wales’ leading cancer charity organization, Tenovus Cancer Care and I thoroughly enjoy it. I help […]

Who watches horror films? Show of hands! I know I do. I’m quite a freaky, twisted girl at heart really. My brothers have shown me the likes of Psycho and Terminator 2 at such a very young age. Just like growing up with 3 older brothers, I’ve also grown up with the horror films they […]