Why I chose ‘Tenovus Cancer Care’

If you’ve ever considered volunteering, or you’re wondering if you should free up some spare time to help out charities and organizations, then I’m going to let you know why you should give it a go!

I’m currently a volunteer for Wales’ leading cancer charity organization, Tenovus Cancer Care and I thoroughly enjoy it. I help out in the ‘People and Development’ team, and one of their jobs is to draw in more volunteers and take care of the ones they bring in. I’m helping out with attracting more volunteers whilst being one myself! I get to do things such as advertise Tenovus’ Cancer Care’s amazing events online, research into finding more places to promote events and input new volunteers onto the database. These fundraising events are vital in raising more money and awareness for cancer patients and their loved ones.

I began volunteering for Tenovus Cancer Care roughly seven months ago as I was looking for experience surrounding my career interest in advertising and marketing. Luckily they were around the corner with open arms and seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. It wasn’t long before I met with Luisa and Katie (the volunteer managers) and got to know what kinds of things I could be doing. They were very interested in what I was studying in University and were keen to help with getting me the experience I needed. I now currently volunteer in the head office at Gleider House in Llanishen. It’s super easy to get to from most places in Cardiff, and even up in Treforest which is where I currently live for University.  And it’s not just office roles you can take part in. You might like to try your hand at volunteering in one of Tenovus Cancer Care’s charity shops dotted all around Wales, or you can take part in one of the one-off opportunities doing things such as bucket collecting. With free-spirted, welcoming people in every aspect of the community it might just be the thing you’re missing!

As I’ve been there now for a few months helping out in the office every Thursday, I know of any upcoming events, which means I can jump straight in and help out in other ways. I signed up for Tenovus Cancer Care’s flagship event – ‘The Goodnight Walk’. This event sees hundreds of enthusiastic supporters lighting up the night to raise money for cancer patients and their loved ones. I helped with the selling of merchandise; selling items such as glow sticks and t-shirts to friendly customers. I also attended the annual ‘Volunteer Awards Ceremony’ which was held in Cardiff’s Principality Stadium. It was an evening to thank all the volunteers that free up their time to help out in all kinds of ways. Awards were given to volunteers that had made exceptional contribution, and the entire evening was emotional, yet heart-warming.

Volunteering for Tenovus Cancer Care has benefited me greatly. As a person who is interested in a possible digital marketing/advertising/PR career, the experience I have gained here has been fantastic. My time here so far has given me more of an insight into office life as well as a brief look into the types of things I may be doing for the rest of my working life. There’s also the fact that whilst you’re involved with such a successful company/charity and you do more for them, you’re going to get excellent CV feedback and recognition when you’re searching for jobs.

There’s nothing better than helping those in need, and there’s nothing kinder than doing that for free. So if you like the sound of helping to make other people’s lives (including yourself) better and you want to gain relevant experience to further your career, then stop wasting time, volunteer!

For anyone in South Wales, Tenovus Cancer Care is a fantastic place to start. Lovely people, great benefits, marvelous cause!

Further your career, volunteer!

Holly Pengelly

BA English Student | Volunteer


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