Makeup Blogger Pet Peeves

I just want to state for the record, that I think anyone that has the courage to video themselves and show the world has some serious courage. I am in no way degrading make-up bloggers and you’re probably thinking: I bet SHE couldn’t do the same. Well you’re right there! I have my own self-confidence issues, but I hope to one day soon be doing some vlogs. Anyway, I just thought it’d be fun to list all the irritating traits that many makeup bloggers/vloggers tend to do.

  1. Makeup collections. I’m sure not all bloggers are the same (no need to tar with the same brush an’ all) but I can’t help feeling that these videos just give girls a chance to brag about what they have. Unless you’re becoming successful and you’re earning by being a makeup blogger, how can one spend nearly every scrap of money on makeup. It’s just madness. One the other hand, I do like getting some makeup storage tips!
  2. The fucking head tiltsOkay, this one really pisses me off. It’s too cringe, and there’s no need in it. Just simply turn your head from side to side and keep the same reassuring smile. None of this winking, pouting, fake ‘camera shyness’ please.
  3. Failing to name a price or where to get it. The amount of times I’ve watched a makeup video and the vlogger shows off items stating how it’s ‘pigmented’ and ‘light’ and failing to mention the price is ridiculous. If you’re there to promote a product, you should be trying to sell it to me. Tell me how I can get it!
  4. Having no humourThis is the biggest issue and having no humour or sense of personality isn’t going to get you followers. People like being entertained, people like connecting with the one giving advice, people would like to see that you’re vlogging because you genuinely enjoy it.

Anyway, I love makeup bloggers if done right. I love getting tips and tricks, and discovering more products that will help me look more appealing.

Some fabulous makeup bloggers you can check out at YouTube include:

Kaushal Beauty

Christen Dominique 



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