Tenovus Cancer Care Volunteer Awards


As some of you may know, I volunteer one day a week at Wales’ leading cancer charity Tenovus Cancer Care. Lately it’s been more once a fortnight due to post-uni stress and trying to find full-time work. Regardless, I’ve been involved with the charity for over a year now. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, I love it there.

Every year the wonderful organisation holds a Volunteer Awards ceremony where everyone gives thanks to the amazing work volunteers do to support cancer patients, their families and the work of the charity.

Last year I attended the ceremony with my boyfriend and had a fantastic time listening to inspiring stories and meeting new people. The dedication, determination and empathy from many of the volunteers who won awards was truly eye-opening. It was emotional listening to volunteers who’d previously dealt with cancer in some way and decided to give something back. I’d felt myself welling up once or twice throughout the night!

Well this year I’ve been nominated myself:

IMG_1872 (1)

There are 7 different awards to be won. They are: Bold, Inspiring, Creative, Supportive, Respectful, Group and Young. I’ve been nominated for a ‘young’ award as I’m under 25. It feels great to be recognized for the work I’ve been contributing to in Tenovus Cancer Care’s head office!

The event will take place on Thursday the 6th of July at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff (Ooh fancy!), but only open to guests with invites. I plan to document much of the night, take some pictures and show you all how fabulous the people here really are. If it’s like last time there’ll be food and drink too, I’ll try not to brag too much!

So stay tuned for the next post where I’ll be giving you the rundown of what I’m sure will be a lovely, heart-warming evening. 

Holly x




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