If you’ve ever considered volunteering, or you’re wondering if you should free up some spare time to help out charities and organizations, then I’m going to let you know why you should give it a go! I’m currently a volunteer for Wales’ leading cancer charity organisation, Tenovus Cancer Care and I thoroughly enjoy it.Β I help […]

It’s world book day! A great day for people to be thankful for books, and I know I’m thankful. From Harry Potter to Gone Girl to The Lovely Bones, I’m a book lover. If you’ve not read many books, or not picked one up in a while do it! Cozy up in bed with a […]

If you’ve seen my other blog (which is now being scrapped) you would have seen this review on 50 Shifty Shades of Grey. I wanted to keep this review on the internet, and add it to hollybearsablossom. So here’s what I thought of Fifty Shades of Grey: Why I wished the ceiling would cave in […]